A call for shoplifting late Monday morning resulted in the arrest of a Seymour man wanted in connection with a Jan. 28 beating of another Seymour man inside a tent in a Davis Street garage.

Cpl. Steven Pogue of the Seymour Police Department responded to an 11:35 a.m. shoplifting call at the Price Cutter grocery store on West Washington Street.

When he arrived, Pogue found a middle-aged female suspect held in the back of the store by manager Mike Kempton.

“The 46-year-old woman had stolen razor blades,” Pogue said. “Mike had watched her put them into her purse, go through the checkout line without paying for them, then she attempted to leave the store.”

Pogue said the woman admitted to shoplifting.

“She told me that she didn’t have the money to pay for them,” he explained. “However, I found that a bit hard to believe because she had just paid for a cartload of groceries.”

The woman asked Pogue that while she waited for the local police to take action if she could take her groceries to her car in the store’s parking lot.

“I told her yes, but I asked her if anyone was in her car,” Pogue explained. “She said yes, Matt ... then she hesitated.

“Then I pushed her to tell me who Matt was, then she finally said it was Matt Smith.”

Smith was being sought by officers after a Jan. 28 assault on Davis Street where a man living in a tent inside a garage allegedly was beaten by four men with a baseball bat.

Last week, Smith was charged with second-degree assault for his alleged role in the crime.

Pogue knew Smith had an active warrant on the assault charge, so he radioed Sgt. Chase Davis, who immediately arrived at the store.

Minutes later, Davis and Pogue found Smith asleep in the car’s front passenger seat.

Smith was arrested and taken to the Webster County Jail in Marshfield.

“Matt Smith already was on probation for his role in a theft from (Seymour’s) Jerry Kleier at the old Circle K Farm Supply location just north of town,” Davis said.

“It seems probation didn’t keep him from getting into more trouble.”

The woman also was arrested and taken to the county jail in Marshfield.

“She had an active warrant, as well, on an unrelated case,” Davis said.

“So, both of them took a trip to Marshfield.”

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