Notice is hereby given that the Fordland R-3 Board of Education will conduct a regular meeting at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, in the high-school learning lab, Room 118.

The meeting’s tentative agenda includes:

I. Call to order.

A. Approval and amendment of agenda.

II. Closed session.

A. Approve executive minutes, personnel.

III. Consent agenda.

A. Approval of the opensession minutes.

B. Financial statement.

C. Approval of substitute list.

D. Approval of bills.

IV. Public comments. *

V. Student recognition.

VI. Update on “Operation Eagle Pride,” bond and levy.

VII. Discussion and approval of 2020-21 school calendar.

VIII. Discussion of the Missouri Reading Initiative MOU.

IX. Discussion of 2020-21 preliminary budget.

X. Discussion of MSBA policy updates.

XI. Administrative reports.

A. Principals’ reports.

B. Superintendent’s report.

XII. Board members’ comments.

XIII. Adjourn.

Closed session will follow open session pursuant to:

• 610.021 (3) RSMo, Hiring, Firing, Discipline or Promotion of Employees.

• 610.021 (12) RSMo, Individually Identifiable Personnel Records.

• 610.021 (6) RSMo, Scholastic probation, expulsion or graduation of identifiable individuals

* Public comments pertaining to board agenda are limited to no more than three (3) minutes per individual. Board action and discussion should not be expected. This is done for efficiency, to provide study time for the board and to allow for public notice. Board Policy BDDH.

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