- ‘PhoToad'

It’s really something how these local rumors start.

To open my week, I went over to the Rusty Spurs Cafe for breakfast and heard the good ol’ boys speculating about what new business was going up along Highway C between Seymour Discount Grocery and Lucky Discount Lumber.

One feller said a new restaurant, then another said it was an auto-repair shop.

One guy said with certainty that Se-Mor Savings was moving from the old tool store location in Diggins to this here spot in Seymour.

Well, buddy, I can tell you with certainty that you are clueless.

I cruised over to Seymour City Hall, put on my best behavior with the girls, and they filled me in.

This site will be the new home for Ron’s Electrical, a longtime rural Seymour business owned by Ron Schrock.

It’s a blessing for the city.

Ron’s business bills hundreds of thousands for its services, and a lot of that is for materials, which produce sales tax.

Simple rule, Seymour.

If you wanna know something, put ol’ PhoToad on the case. I’m the Columbo of Webster County. Or maybe Kojak.

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