A local business is doing its best to stimulate the local economies of the three Webster County communities that it serves.

The Seymour Bank is giving $1,000 in gift cards to offer a light amidst the COVID-19 darkness.

Terry Penner, the bank’s social-media director, came up with the idea and said she was “optimistic it would offer light and help people as events were being canceled day by day’ because of the national pandemic.

She said the gift-card giveaways offered a way for people in the three communities where they have banks (Seymour, Marshfield and Rogersville) to fi nd happiness, and it would boost business for the different businesses within their banking communities.

“We feel it’s a good thing for everyone involved — from the community to our local businesses,” Penner said.

The local response justifi es her statement.

Last Monday, May 11, was the first day of the giveaway, where a $25 gift card to Seymour’s Hucklebucks was awarded.

To be eligible to win the gift card, people had to make a comment on the bank’s Facebook page.

There were nearly 450 comments in a single day.

The gift cards range are for $25 each, and they were bought by The Seymour Bank.

When Penner began buying the gift cards, many businesses heard what the bank’s mission with this giveaway was and decided to match their buy and donate a gift card with the matching amount that was bought. She said it was a great thing to “showcase and promote local businesses.”

Kirk Penner, the bank’s chairman and president, said that he hopes “more people will look at local businesses” and is optimistic that “those local businesses see an infl ux in customers.”

He added that boosting bank business is not their goal.

“Instead, I hope we can help boost local businesses customers and promote shopping locally,” he noted.

The bank’s giveaways happen every day, Monday through Friday.

To enter, simply go to The Seymour Bank’s Facebook page and check out their daily posts.

All you have to do is comment on their post for the day.

Each evening at 9 p.m., a winner is selected through a random generator.

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