• Seymour Senior Citizen News for this week

I still have heard no rumors or straight talk concerning the opening of senior centers. I guess they are waiting until people quit coming down with the virus.

We continue to deliver frozen meals to the homebound and welcome other seniors to come to the center and pick up frozen meals.

If you are coming to pick up, please call first so we will know when and how many. The number to call is 417-935-2211.

We would like to thank the family of Carol Kleier for making the Seymour Senior Citizens’ Center one of the recipients of a memorial fund for Carol. Quite a lot of donations were given in her memory, and we appreciate each one.

I’m sure that the YMCA, the other beneficiary, is grateful, as well.

I had a birthday party yesterday for my puppy, “Ziva.” She is now going into her terrible 2s. She had a candle on her cake, which she didn’t understand. She also got to eat the cake with vanilla ice cream. I’m not going to say she knew what was going on, but she definitely understood cake and ice cream.

The next birthday we will celebrate at my house will be in July for my granddaughter, Elizabeth.

She is going into her terrible 20s.

If you think we can do anything to help you get through the year of the virus, please give a call at 417-935-2211.

My prayer for you is that you stay safe and well.

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