• ‘PhoToad’

GramToad loved Laura Ingalls Wilder books when she was a tadpole ... especially the one that described the Seymour area as the “Land Of The Big Red Apple.”

The apple orchards were a big deal around here in those days, and they kept our family employed for generations.

GrampToad was on the bug-catching crew for the Vollenweiders.

DadToad did the same at Bud Head’s orchard. In fact, Charlie Embrey, what a great guy, promoted my dad to head bug catcher! DadToad brought home enough bugs to feed the whole family!

But, alas, Seymour’s orchards are all gone.

The Citizen no longer brags that Seymour is the “Land Of The Big Red Apple.”

I had to get a job at the newspaper from this tightwad Dan Wehmer just to pay my bills.

Fortunately, we still have the Seymour Apple Festival.

I can’t wait! I just hope nobody steps on me this year!

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