Shoot fire!

What the Sam Hill is going on around here?

I left the bog to come to town and make a few dollars trimming trees for the city with the Seymour Apple Festival coming in two weeks, and what do I find?

The city’s gone and made this doggone square look like some sort of nature center!

I must admit, it’s beautiful.

They painted up those electric poles a pretty black, put mulch around all the trees, trimmed the trees, and I hear they’ve even got a new water fountain coming.

I liked it better when city folks said they were gonna do things and never did.

This efficiency is costing me money.

Back then, I’d just come in and give ‘em crummy contract services and get paid.

This is gonna force me to actually work for my money.

I miss the days when no one got along; it sure helped this toad’s wallet.

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