Owen Theatre

Owen Theatre on the Seymour square.

Courtesy of booking chairpersons Mike and Debbie Borders of the Seymour Area Arts Council, 2020 music acts at the historic Owen Theatre are being booked and scheduled.

As of Monday, 12 performances tentatively now are on the 2020 schedule, including:

• Jan. 18, "Isaac Kenneth Band."

• Jan. 31, gospel concert with "4 Calvary."

• March 14, Hayely Queen.

• April 3, gospel concert with Lulu Roman as the main performer.

• April 18, Randle Chowning and friends.

• May 2, "Creek Rocks."

• May 30, "Belle Ford."

• July 17, gospel concert featuring local talent.

• Aug. 1, "Hogmolly."

• Aug. 22, Meredith Sisco and her quartet.

• Sept. 26, "HigLeeWils."

• Oct. 23, gospel concert with "The Calvarymen."

Another six shows are yet to be scheduled.

Among the acts being lined up with dates are the "Ben Miller Band" and "Papa Greenshoes." A concert with Tyler Giles is in the works.

Officials from the local arts council said the 2020 schedule will include four gospel concerts, 12 regular concerts (and perhaps 14), a karaoke event with the Owen's new karaoke equipment and a local talent show.

Season tickets again will be available for 2020, as they were for 2019.

The cost is $100 each through Dec. 31, and they will go on sale Dec. 7 in conjunction with the annual Seymour Christmas Parade.

After Dec. 31, the cost is $125 each.

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