Many are festival winners

Three-day event on Seymour square draws record crowds Saturday

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Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 5:00 pm

Here are the winners of various contests and events at this 
year’s Seymour Apple Festival, which was held last Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday on the city square.

Winners in the Pet Show held Thursday evening were:

1. Ali and Lanie Ipock with their goat, “Nanny.” 2. Amy Her
ion with her dog, “Bo.” 3. Vanessa Stinnett with her rabbit, 
“Pudse.” 4. Samantha Kanel with her ferret, “Squizgar.”

Winners in Saturday morning’s Seymour Apple Princess Contest were:

2012 Seymour Apple Princess, Cassidy Owens; first runner-
up, Miranda Cantrell; second runner-up, Marilyn McKinney; 
third runner-up, Megan Schillereff; Miss Congeniality, Vita Palchikovskiy.

Winners in the Johnny Appleseed Contest were:

Ages 3 and under — 1. Owen Bryant, 2. Easton Baker, 
3. Alexis Carter, 4. Felicia Santner.

Ages 4 to 6 — 1. Morgan Ferrier, 2. Delton Wilkerson, 3. Robert Roberts, 4. Ellie Kastning.

Ages 7 and up — 1. Johnathon Terrill, 2. Abbygail McNish, 
3. Felix Cantrell, 4. Lacy Ruiz.

Winners in the Decorated Bicycle Contest were:

Ages 5 and under — 1. Zoie Walker, 2. Scotty Embrey,
3. Easton Baker, 4. Dax Baker.

Ages 6 to 8 — 1. Chaney Watson, 2. Hannah Clark and Pai
sha Sturdefant, 3. Carly Mitchell, 4. Allysann Baker.

Winners in the Three-Legged Race were:

Ages 6 and under — 1. Logan Gand and Justin Osgood, 
2. Audrie Fann and Ali Ipock, 3. Eli Sanders and Gavin Essary.

Ages 7 to 9 — 1. Payton Bryant and Carter Owens, 2. Con
ner Wright and Brycen Owens, 3. Kile and Brock Gray.

Ages 10-12 — 1. Shane Johnson and Jarred Johnson, 2. Levi Lansdown and Luke Lansdown, 3. Stephen Owens and Ryan 

Winners in the Gunny-Sack Race were:

Ages 6 and under — 1. Justin Osgood, 2. Logan Gant, 3. Solana Slater.

Ages 7 to 9 — 1. Kile Gray, 2. Hunter Hall, 3. Payton Bryant.

Ages 10-12 — 1. Stephen Owens, 2. Zaven Thulin, 3. Julia Kindall.

Winners of the Wheelbarrow Race were:

Ages 6 and under — 1. Brock Gray and Chancy Watson,
2. Cassidy Cantrell and Promise Cantrell, 3. Kyra Thompson and Mikayla Langley.

Ages 7 to 9 — 1. Matthew Benson and Blake Rhodes, 
2. Payton Bryant and Carter Owens, 3. Gabe Mellington and 
Abigail Mellington.

Ages 10 to 12 — 1. Jarred Johnson and Shane Johnson, 
2. Lacee Anonuero and Julia Kindall, 3. Kaleb Harris and Carson Sturdefant.

Winners of the Turtle Race were:

Ages 5 and under — 1. Candice Choate, 2. Owen Benson, 
3. Derek Helms.

Ages 6 to 9 — 1. Grace Everett, 2. Blake Rhodes, 3. Jamie 
Kirkland and Promise Cantrell.

Ages 10-12 — 1. Lacee Anonuero, 2. Macey Lape, 3. Zachary Cantrell.

First-place winners in all three divisions each received $15 
from the Webster County Citizen.

Champion Turtle Race — 1. Grace Everett.

In this race, a $25 grand prize was given by Sturdefant Drywall of Seymour.

Winners of the Apple-Peeling Contest were:

Youth Division — 1. Collin Frantz, 69-7/8 inches, 2. Hezekiah Gould, 49-1/2 inches, 3. Logan Bryant, 46-1/4 inches.

Adult division — 1. Chad Embrey, 125-1/2 inches, 2. Brandon Frantz, 102-1/2 inches, 3. Josh Embrey, 91-7/8 inches.

Winners of the Apple-Pie Baking Contest were:

Apple Seedling Division — 1. Jordan Coday (pie bought by Kirk Penner), 2. Cora Frantz (bought by Brandon Frantz), 3. Hailey Penner (bought by Kirk Penner).

Jonathan Division — 1. Stan Coday (pie bought by Dan 
Wehmer), 2. Doug Johnson (bought by Kevin Plain), 3. Scott 
Nicholson (bought by Dan Wehmer).

Apple Blossom Division — 1. Larissa Embrey (pie bought 
by Chad Embrey), 2. Tina Johnson (bought by Dan Wehmer), 
3. Ashli Coday (bought by Stan Coday), 4. Morgan Coday 
(bought by Jeff Rowe).

Granny Smith Division — 1. Vonna Werle (pie bought by 
David Booth).

Grand Champion Pie —Jordan Coday of Seymour, who received a custom-embroidered quilt for earning top honors.

Winners in the drawings sponsored by the Seymour Merchants’ Association were:

Sidney Fann of Seymour, flat-screen T.V.; Brandi Strong of 
Seymour, $100 Walmart gift card; Janice Blankenship, Kathy
Day and Dale Bailey, all of Seymour, and Bruce Blankenship of 
St. Louis, $25 gift cards from Casey’s; R. Takehara of Seymour, $100 gift card from USA Drug/Seymour Pharmacy; Nawassa 
Fann and Marlene Sawyers of Seymour, Buck Trent Show tic-
kets; Kenzie Helms of Seymour, Dixie Stampede tickets; Judy 
Lee of Seymour, Branson Toy Museum tickets; Gary Letterman 
of Niangua, Branson Veterans’ Memorial tickets; Abby Ruiz of 
Seymour, Geo Dryer Show tickets; Cecil Spencer, Wing Stop 
gift certificate; Paige Nichols of Seymour, Mr. Yen’s gift certificate; Karen Davis Miller of Seymour, 417 Fitness certificate; 
Bethany Santner of Seymour, The Root Cellar of Seymour gift 

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